DESH believes in integrated development strategy with bottom up, non- directive   participatory approach and management frame work based on people felt needs. DESH is philosophy lies in the empowerment of people realizing their own strengths and power and with this awakening he problems and situation s while ensuring their active participation on development work. Our Programs are given below:

Education Health and Sanitation: DESH operate formal & Non-formal Schools in communities that are in desperate need of educational facilities. They also teach livelihood skills as part of the sustainable livelihood program and run education programs on health and sanitation to improve the overall well being of the community.

Training & Research: Our institutional capacity building programs strengthen the capabilities of local community players, such as CBOs, Union Parishads and civil society groups. DESH has its own training facilities and has been training small NGOs. Research team is consisted 3 members (2 men & 1 women) is incurred for generating innovative ideas on education, socio-economic development of the poor in the realistic view basing it DESH develop plan for implementation.

Sustainable Livelihoods: DESH Sustainable Livelihood programs aim to improve the availability and economic access to food for poor people through strengthening livelihoods, securing entitlements and enhancing accountability of service providers.

Advocacy: DESH takes a leadership role in many advocacy initiatives in the struggle to correct injustices perpetrated against Indigenous/Minority, women, children, the poor and the disenfranchised.

Rights Awareness: DESH’s ‘Rights Awareness’ programs help people, Minority & disability groups especially women, children and the landless to become more aware of their rights and to encourage them to advocate for greater recognition and to insist on stricter adherence to the rights codes by the authorities.

Gender Rights:  These are cross cutting themes that DESH incorporates into all of its programs.

Income Generating Activities: DESH works at helping to eradicate extreme poverty in remote rural and urban slum areas by helping disenfranchised  people, particularly women become economically self reliant by providing them with the necessary IGA funds to establish their own business.

Disaster Relief and Rehabilitation: In times of critical need DESH provides relief and rehabilitation services (food distribution, repair and rebuild) to those rural and coastal communities where DESH has a strong presence and a fully developed local partnership

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